Customisation is the artform used to brand any garment or product.  Our team of experts will brand and customise almost anything with your logo or message.  Applying your logo or message to stock products from our large range of marine and corporate clothing and accessories is a very cost effective way to give your team, business or product a unique look.

Numerous techniques are used to apply branding from traditional embroidery or screen printing to high tech heat transfers.  Heat transfers are popular because they offer the finest detail in logos.  Embroidery is cost effective and extremely durable while screen printing is often best for large quantities.

Different methods are used to customise depending on the actual product, quantity, number of colours as well as the size and detail of the logo.

Below is an explanation of each branding method however we will let you know what is best and most cost effective for your job.

Send us your logo and job description and we will get back to you within 24hrs.


Embroided waterproof jacket Musto



Heat transfer logo


sublimate design clothes


supacolour logo


supasub logo cap


Embroidery is a permanent and upmarket branding option used on most clothing, caps, towels as well as selected bags.  Embroidery washes well, can be ironed and retains its colour after many washes.  Thread colours are matched as close as possible to your specified PMS colours.


Screen printing is ideal for t’shirts, technical fabrics and smaller items.  Screen printing items gives a clean, clear effect which washes well and maintains quality.  Printing is very economical method of branding large quantities and logos with few colours.


Heat transfers are perfect for intricate logos with many colours.  Digital print allows for more colours and greater detail in your logo.  Transfer application is perfect for hi-tech garments, lycra, breathable fabrics, sports bags and umbrellas.  Transfers are cost effective for small numbers as there is no set-up costs.


Sublimation is a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye onto man made material such as nylon, polyester and certain plastics.  Dye-sublimation printing yields beautiful and permanent colors that are embedded in the substrate or fabric, rather than printed on the surface.
Perfect for towels, bags, swimwear and sports gear.


Supacolour is the latest technology in digital reproduction of logos. Supacolour can reproduce logos perfectly without a need to compromise.  Logos and images retain high vibrany and finest detail.
It is can be applied to almost any fabric and across seams.  Using eco-friendly inks and no vinyl so wont peal, crack or fade.


On-trend decoration method making the most of recent advancements in technology. The laseretched suede patch or sublimated patch is laser-cut then overlocked onto a range of products like, headwear, bags, blankets, beanies and scarves. The stylish finish is subtle yet effective, showcasing both the product and your brand in a professional manner.